Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Thermal insulation panels made of reed are manufactured from non-stripped reed stalks which are mechanically pressed without the addition of any chemicas and which are produced in compliance with the German technology. Basic characteristics:

  1. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulator
  2. Resistant to rodents
  3. Ecological and healthy product
  4. Durable and long lasting product
  5. Enables a house to “breathe” as an elementary precondition for healthy housing
  6. Without addition of any chemicals

The attests from competent institutions that we have obtained for thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, bending strength, ecological validity of reed panels produced in our factory, prove that we have a high quality product which meets all relevant standards for installation.
Reed panels are installed in floors, ceilings, walls, lofts, lightweight partition walls, etc.


Insulation panels made of reed are most often used in building construction and they are up to 5 cm thick and they represent excellent thermal and acoustic insulation!


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