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    The process of production of thermal insulation panels made of reed which are mechanically pressed without the addition of any chemicals and which are produced in compliance with the German technology.

Reed panels are fastened with stainless galvanized wire and  must be good "pressed" and controlled, in order to meet the requirements - attests – for  thermal conductivity,  mechanical strength, bending strength, ecological validity.                                                                                                         


Our  product were used in furnishing and equiping river Tisa beach in Čurug, reed umbrellas, changing cabins and other products were placed. For more images visit our products pages.


Our new website is online!
In the “News” section of the website, we will try to provide updated information about our products, novelties in business operations and many other interesting things regarding our profession.
In the website section “Products”, you will be able to see everything made of reed and wood from insulation materials to sun umbrellas and beach equipment and thatched roofs and summerhouses.
In addition to the new website, we also have some other news  and one of them is the new name so that from August 2012 we are going to operate under the name “Natura Group”.

Since August 2012.g. we operate under new brand “NATURA GROUP”


In March 2012, we started to produce special cone reed panels for Italy for two large buildings with circular roofs. We have adapted the technology to new solutions and demanding production process and thus by expanding the assortment, we have obtained a new product for circular thatch roofing.

Cutting reed was done in the period from December 2011 to February 2012. It was carried out mechanically and manually in marshes in the vicinity of Žabalj.

In June 2011, there was a big project “Maldives” at TV “Happy”, roofs and sun beds made of reed…

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