Wednesday, December 06, 2023

About us

Everything started in 1992 when the company “Ekojuring” was established in Žabalj and started to manufacture thermal insulation panels made of reed, stuckatur, thick thatch knitting...

Very quickly, the company started to expand and conquer domestic and foreign markets and received numerous medals for the quality of products at building construction fairs in Belgrade and Novi Sad. This just confirmed that the company is on the right direction of development.

Soon afterwards, the main export markets have become Germany, Italy and neighboring countries in the region. 

In 2007, under the influence of new challenges and market circumstances, a new company was established and called “Trska-eko” in order to expand the activities, the assortment of products and services, as well as the circle of suppliers and to fully affirm the natural aspect of the whole production program and to grow into the company with the current name – NATURA GROUP. 

Today, Natura Group joins together several smaller companies in order to achieve the best possible quality and the most favorable prices for our buyers. The quality of our product has always been and still is on the first place as our mission distinguishing us from other manufacturers.

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