Friday, March 24, 2023

Natura Group


Composition characteristics of REED (phragmites communis trin) – the queen of marsh plants have been known to people since ancient times. Today, after 20 years of experience of work with the reed, we have joined old natural materials with modern technologies and we have made the most energy efficient products for thermal insulation which are used in building construction and as attractive goods for beaches, courtyards, gardens and the like.  





New website

Our new website is online!
In the “News” section of the website, we will try to provide updated information about our products, novelties in business operations and many other interesting things regarding our profession.
In the website section “Products”, you will be able to see everything made of reed and wood from insulation materials to sun umbrellas and beach equipment and thatched roofs and summerhouses.
In addition to the new website, we also have some other news  and one of them is the new name so that from August 2012 we are going to operate under the name “Natura Group”.

Natura Group

Since August 2012.g. we operate under new brand “NATURA GROUP”


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